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Bridal Rates & Packages

Bride & Bridal/Wedding Party

Bride - $275 

Eyelashes and touch up kit included.

Additional Application(s) - $140 each

Eyelashes are included.

Makeup Trial - $200

A Minimum of four applications are required for on site services. Travel fees vary based on location for services. 

The Elegant Bride

Bride only (no additional applications) - $650

*Makeup trial is included in this package.

Facial massage along with skin prep, hand massage, bridal makeup application, and touch up kit. I will also remain on site with you for one hour once services are completed to provide you with any touchups as needed.

Service rates are subject to change unless retainer fee and contract is received.

Wedding Day Makeup

$120 per hour


I can remain on site with you throughout your photo session, reception, and even ceremony!

This time starts once the initial makeup services are completed.

On site touchups

$150 per artist

Additional artist(s) may be required depending on the amount of makeup applications needed, and the amount of time given to get ready.


This will be determined upon booking.

Additional Makeup Artist

Tattoo Cover

.$25 and up


Varies on size of area to be covered.

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